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Eastlake Registration Questions Please Use this Link

Eastlake Registration Questions Please Use this Link

A Message from the EYFA Board

This year EYFA has verified that VICIS has been purchased by Schutt! Therefore we will continue to have the safest helmets available for youth football. EYFA's commitment to safety includes the VICIS Helmets, Shoulder Tackling, which removes the head from contact and Seattle Children's Hospital Medical Trainers on the sidelines of all of our home games and many of our away games. If you have any questions or concerns or would like more information, please email our President.

Which Level Should I Register My Player?

The 2020 GEJFA Age and Weight Chart is now available. Feel free to email the President or Vice President for any questions or help needed.


2020 Fee Information

Dates First Player Each Addtl Player
Reserve Roster Spot (April 1 - May 15) $50 $50
April 1 through May 15 $475 $400
May 15 through July 31 $600 $525