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Donations can also be made in the form of a check may be made out to:

Eastlake Youth Football Association
704 228th Avenue NE, STE 256
Sammamish, WA 98074-7222

Our TAX ID#: 80-0309725

Upon all donations, whether via credit card, PayPal or check, EYFA will send you a receipt of the donation for any tax purposes.

Fundraising Drive for Vicis Helmets

The Eastlake Youth Football Association (EYFA) continues to improve the safety of playing football. We teach Rugby style of shoulder tackling which moves the head out of any collisions. We have reduced the amount of contact during practices while still remaining a strong, physical and sure tackling football program. We have certified medical trainers on the sidelines of  our football games.

In 2019, EYFA took the next step in acquiring the safest football helmets available. The Vicis Youth Zero1 Helmet. EFYA is continuing to fundraise to ensure our commitment to safety. We are currently accepting donations to offset the acquisition of these helmets.

NEW: Vicis Youth Football Helmet Video

Vicis Web Site

Vicis Testing demonstration

Why Vicis Helmets:

  • Vicis youth helmets are not just smaller versions of adult helmets, but designed specifically for youth heads and youth football games. 
  • Studies found youth players take more side hits and back of helmet hit (like falling to turf)
  • Vicis helmets are more fortified on the sides and back
  • Vicis helmets have “crumple zones” that absorb and distribute the impact so less force reaches the head.
  • Vicis helmets are rated the safest by the NFL and Virginia Tech Testing center. They do not 100% stop concussions but they measurably lessen the impact force, which is the cause of concussions.
  • Vicis helmets use different thickness of pads instead of air to make helmets fit properly. Air does not create a crumple zone but instead reflects force back through head.

Vicis Helmet